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Vermont is basically about moonlit tours and nature hikes. It’s a perfect place for traditionalist in search of peaceful and wonderful trails. This is also the perfect destination for those who are looking for a new winter adventure. This state offers ski areas for snowshoeing, the latest trend for winter. But this is not only what Vermont is about. Vermont is endowed with beautiful parks and historical architectures. Waterbury, a city that lies at the border of US Route 2 and I-89 is proud of its well-preserved homes. This is also the home to the White Meeting House which has been standing since 1825. You will also be amazed on how the natives of Vermont grow greens in the Rusty Memorial Park. Who will not know of the Barre Opera House? With thousands of artist that performed, have performed and have been performing in this great opera house, no wonder it is always a great stop for those who are traveling in Vermont. There are many beautiful places in Vermont but it’s not as big as the other states. Anyone coming from anywhere in the North East considers Vermont as one short drive. Driving from any of North Eastern states prefer taking their cars to Vermont. But it’s not the same for those coming from afar. Going to Vermont is easy and convenient but if you really would like to discover the wonders of Vermont, the services of car rental companies are necessary. This is because most of the beautiful places and attractions are situated in rural areas and driving your own car to discover them seems impossible. Burlington Airport is the best place to look for a car rental. Others are situated in ski areas and major towns such as Montpelier, the capital city. The car rental companies in Vermont provide service even outside the state. They also offer airport transfers and runners and services for social functions. Going to Vermont is easy but discovering its wholeness requires some service. So get one good car rental service that will make you discover the fullness of this small state.